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Self-Control Strength and Smoking Cessation: Using Basic Science to Inform Prevention , Blumberg, D , Society for Prevention Research (SPR) 23rd Anual Meeting, 29/05/2015, Washington, DC, (2015) Abstract
Incorporating Web-based Training Tools and Technology in Clinical Trials Training, Williams, T.; Blumberg, D.; Perdue, L.; Woolard, N.; Moreno, O. , Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) 36th Annual Meeting (2015), 17/05/2015, Arlington, VA, (2015) Abstract
Implementation of a Medication and Supply Inventory and Resupply Process - Increasing the Efficiency of the Tracking and Distribution of Supplies in Clinical Trials, Wright, M.; Lindblad, R.; Jelstrom, E.; King, D.; Blumberg, D.; Yohannes, P.; Yesko, L.; Campanella, M.; Saunders, CA. , Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) 36th Annual Meeting (2015), 17/05/2015, Arlington, VA, (2015) Abstract
The Association of Dietary Lutein Plus Zeaxanthin and B Vitamins with Cataracts in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study: AREDS Report No. 37, Glaser, TS; Doss, LE; Shih, G; Nigam, D; Sperduto, RD; Ferris, 3rd, FL; Agron, E; Clemons, TE; Chew, EY; The Age Related Eye Disease Study Research (AREDS) Group , Opthalmology, 07/2015, Volume 122, Issue 7, p.1471-1479, (2015) Abstract
A Phase I Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Study of the Safety and Immunogenicity of an Adjuvanted HIV-1 Gag-Pol-Nef Fusion Protein and Adenovirus 35 Gag-RT-Int-Nef Vaccine in Healthy HIV-Uninfected African Adults, Omosa-Manyonyi, G; Mpendo, J; Ruzagira, E; Kilembe, W; Chomba, E; Roman, F; Bourguignon, P; Koutsoukos, M; Collard, A; Voss, G; Laufer, D; Stevens, G; Hayes, P; Clark, L; Cormier, E; Dally, L; Barin, B; [...]; Gilmour, J; Cox, J; Fast, P; Priddy, F , PLoS One, 05/2015, Volume 10, Issue 5, p.e0125954, (2015) Abstract
Best Method for Right Atrial Volume Assessment by Two-Dimensional Echocardiography: Validation with Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ebtia, M; Murphy, D; Gin, K; Lee, P; Jue, J; Nair, P; Mayo, J; Barnes, M; Thompson, D; Tsang, TS , Echocardiography, 05/2015, Volume 32, Issue 5, p.734-739, (2015) Abstract
Longitudinal Clinical Findings and Outcome Among Cryptococcus gattii Patients in British Columbia, Phillips, P; Galanis, E; MacDougall, L; Chong, M; Balshaw, R; Cook, V; Bowie, W; Steiner, T; Hoang, L; Morshed, M; Ghesquiere, W; Forrest, D; Roscoe, D; Doyle, P; Kibsey, P; Connolly, T; Mirzanejad, Y; Thompson, D; The BC Cryptococcus gattii Study Group , Clin Infect Dis, 05/2015, Volume 60, Issue 9, p.1368-1376, (2015) Abstract
Understanding Adherence to Daily and Intermittent Regimens of Oral HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Kenya, Mugo, PM; Sanders, E; Mutua, G; van der Elst, E; Anzala, O; Barin, B; Bangsberg, D; Priddy, F; Haberer, JE , AIDS Behav, 05/2015, Volume 19, Issue 5, p.794-801, (2015) Abstract
Multimodal Imaging in Type 2 Idiopathic Macular Telangiectasia, Sallo, FB; Leung, I; Clemons, TE; Peto, T; Bird, AC; Pauleikhoff, D , Retina, 04/2015, Volume 35, Issue 4, p.742-749, (2015) Abstract
Safety and Immunogenicity of Ebola Virus and Marburg Virus Glycoprotein DNA Vaccines Assessed Separately and Concomitantly in Healthy Ugandan Adults: A Phase 1b, Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial, Kibuuka, H; Berkowitz, N; Millard, M; Enama, M; Tindikahwa, A; Sekiziyivu, A; Costner, P; Sitar, S; Glover, D; Hu, Z; Joshi, G; Stanley, D; Kunchai, M; Eller, L; Bailer, R; Koup, R; Nabel, G; [...]; Robb, M; Ledgerwood, J; The RV 247 Study Team , Lancet, 04/2015, Volume 385, Issue 9977, p.1545-1554, (2015) Abstract
Rheumatologist Care in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Are We Dropping the Ball?, Lacaille, D; Lipson, R; Thompson, DJS , Canadian Rheumatology Association-Arthritis Health Professions Association Annual Scientific Meeting, 04/02/2015, Quebec, Canada, (2015)
Clindamycin Versus Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole for Uncomplicated Skin Infections, Miller, LG; Daum, RS; Creech, CB; Young, D; Downing, MD; Eells, SJ; Pettibone, S; Hoagland, RJ; Chambers, HF; The DMID 07-0051 Team , N Engl J Med, 03/2015, Volume 372, Issue 12, p.1093-1103, (2015) Abstract
A Randomized 36-Week Crossover Trial Comparing Ranibizumab and Bevacizumab for Diabetic Macular Edema, Wiley, H; Bailey, C; Cukras, C; Jaffe, G; Lee, R; Loken, E; Meyerle, C; Thompson, D; Wong, W; Ferris, F , 2015 Annual Meeting of The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), 03/05/2015, Denver, CO, (2015)
Induction of HIV-1-Specific Mucosal Immune Responses Following Intramuscular Recombinant Adenovirus Serotype 26 HIV-1 Vaccination of Humans, Baden, L; Liu, J; Li, H; Johnson, J; Walsh, S; Kleinjan, J; Engelson, B; Peter, L; Abbink, P; Milner, Jr., D; Golden, K; Viani, K; Stachler, M; Chen, B; [...]; Wolff, M; Loblein, H; Seaman, M; Dolin, R; Barouch, D , J Infect Dis, 02/2015, Volume 211, Issue 4, p.518-528, (2015) Abstract
Preconception and Early Pregnancy Air Pollution Exposures and Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Robledo, CA; Mendola, P; Yeung, E; Mannisto, T; Sundaram, R; Liu, D; Ying, Q; Sherman, S; Grantz, KL , Environ Res, 02/2015, Volume 137, p.316-322, (2015) Abstract
Variation of Community Consultation and Public Disclosure for a Pediatric Multi-Centered "Exception from Informed Consent" Trial, Holsti, M; Zemek, R; Baren, J; Stanley, RM; Mahajan, P; Vance, C; Brown, KM; Gonzalez, V; King, D; Jacobsen, K; Shreve, K; van de Bruinhorst, K; Jones, AM; Chamberlain, JM , Clin Trials, 02/2015, Volume 12, Issue 1, p.67-76, (2015) Abstract
Acute Air Pollution Exposure and Blood Pressure at Delivery Among Women With and Without Hypertension, Mannisto, T; Mendola, P; Liu, D; Leishear, K; Sherman, S; Laughon, SK , Am J Hypertens, 01/2015, Volume 28, Issue 1, p.58-72, (2015) Abstract
Effect of Ranibizumab on High-Speed Indocyanine Green Angiography and Minimum Intensity Projection Optical Coherence Tomography Findings in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Nicholson, BP; Nigam, D; Toy, B; Stetson, PF; Agrón, E; Jacobs-El, N; Cunningham, D; Cukras, C; Wong, W; Wiley, H; Chew, E; Ferris, F; Meyerle, CB , Retina, 01/2015, Volume 35, Issue 1, p.58-68, (2015) Abstract
Intravitreal Sirolimus for the Treatment of Geographic Atrophy: Results of a Phase I/II Clinical Trial, Petrou, PA; Cunningham, D; Shimel, K; Harrington, M; Hammel, K; Cukras, CA; Ferris, FL; Chew, EY; Wong, WT , Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 01/2015, Volume 56, Issue 1, p.330-338, (2015) Abstract
Clinical Safety and Immunogenicity of Two HIV Vaccines SeV-G(NP) and Ad35-GRIN in HIV-uninfected, Healthy Adult Volunteers, Karita, E; Anzala, O; Gazzard, B; Bergin, P; Nyombayire, J; Omosa, G; [...]; Dally, L; Barin, B; Inoue, M; Hara, H; Hironaka, T; Shu, T; Hasegawa, M; Matano, T; Sayeed, E; Parks, C; Ackland, J; Fast, P; Gilmour, J; Cox, J; Lombardo, A; Laufer, D , HIVR4P (HIV Research for Prevention), 28/10/2014, Cape Town, South Africa, (2014)
Major Negative Social Impacts are Rare in Phase 1 HIV Vaccine Trials in Africa, Mutua, G; Mutengu, L; Mpendo, J; Kilembe, W; Omosa, G; Ruzagirwa, E; Karita, E; Page-Shipp, L; Gray, G; Bekker, LG; Barin, B; Schmidt, C; Laufer, D; Priddy, F , HIV Research for Prevention 2014: AIDS Vaccine, Microbicide and ARV-based Prevention Science (HIVR4P), 28/10/2014, Cape Town, SA, (2014)
Recruitment and Retention in a Long-Term Prospective Observational Investigation of Pregnant Women with Epilepsy, Ippolito, D; Meador, K; Pennell, P; Moore, E; Browning, N , NIH Workshop on Enrollment and Retention of Participants in NIH-funded Clinical Trials, 25/07/2014, Bethesda, MD, (2014) Abstract
Assessment of Viral Inhibition Activity in Low Seroprevalent Adenovirus-35 Vectored HIV Vaccines +/- Adjuvanted Protein or Electroporated DNA, Hayes, P; Fernandez, N; Omosa-Manyonyi, G; Mpendo, J; Karita, E; Ruzagira, E; Kilembe, W; Mutua, G; Anzala, O; Roman, F; Bourguignon, P; Barin, B; Eldridge, J; Egan, M; Hannaman, D; Schmidt, C; Fast, P; Priddy, F; Cox, J; Gilmour, J , HIV Research for Prevention 2014: AIDS Vaccine, Microbicide and ARV-based Prevention Science (HIVR4P), 24/09/2014, Cape Town, SA, (2014)
A Multi-Site, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of Buspirone as a Relapse-Prevention Treatment for Cocaine Dependence, Winhusen, T; Lewis, D; Sharma, G; Sparenborg, S , College on Problems of Drug Dependence Meeting, 14/06/2014, San Juan, Puerto Rico, (2014)
Prevalence of Persistent Pain 3 to 5 Years Post Primary Root Canal Therapy and its Impact on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life: PEARL Network Findings, Vena, DA Collie, D Wu, H Gibbs, JL Broder, HL Curro, FA Thompson, VP Craig, RG The PEARL Network Group , J Endod, 12/2014, Volume 40, Issue 12, p.1917-1921, (2014) Abstract
Rationale and Design of the Percutaneous Stem Cell Injection Delivery Effects on Neomyogenesis in Dilated Cardiomyopathy (The POSEIDON-DCM Study) [...], Mushtaq, M; DiFede, D; Golpanian, S; Khan, A; Gomes, S; Mendizabal, A; Heldman, A; Hare, JM , J Cardiovasc Transl Res, 12/2014, Volume 7, Issue 9, p.769-780, (2014) Abstract
Atopic Dermatitis Increases the Effect of Exposure to Peanut Antigen in Dust on Peanut Sensitization and Likely Peanut Allergy, Brough, HA; Liu, AH; Sicherer, S; Makinson, K; Douiri, A; Brown, SJ; Stephens, AC; Irwin McLean, WH; Turcanu, V; Wood, RA; Jones, SM; Burks, W; Dawson, P; Stablein, D; Sampson, H; Lack, G , J Allergy Clin Immunol, 11/2014, (2014) Abstract
Acceptability and Feasibility of Repeated Mucosal Specimen Collection in Clinical Trial Participants in Kenya, Omosa-Manyonyi, G; Park, H; Mutua, G; Farah, B; Bergin, PJ; Laufer, D; Lehrman, J; Chinyenze, K; Barin, B; Fast, P; Gilmour, J; Anzala, O , PLoS One, 10/2014, Volume 9, Issue 10, p.e110228, (2014) Abstract
One-Unit Versus Two-Unit Cord-Blood Transplantation for Hematologic Cancers, Wagner, Jr., JE; Eapen, M; Carter, S; Wang, Y; Schultz, K; Wall, D; Bunin, N; Delaney, C; Haut, P; Margolis, D; Peres, E; Verneris, M; Walters, M; Horowitz, M; Kurtzberg, J; The Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT-CTN) , N Engl J Med, 10/2014, Volume 371, Issue 18, p.1685-1694, (2014) Abstract
Serological Responses to an Avian Influenza A/H7N9 Vaccine Mixed at the Point-of-Use with MF59 Adjuvant: A Randomized Clinical Trial, Mulligan, MJ Bernstein, DI Winokur, P Rupp, R Anderson, E Rouphael, N Dickey, M Stapleton, JT Edupuganti, S Spearman, P Ince, D Noah, DL Hill, H Bellamy, AR DMID 13-0032 H7N9 Vaccine Study Group , JAMA, 10/2014, Volume 312, Issue 14, p.1409-1419, (2014) Abstract
Use of Opportunistic Clinical Data and a Population Pharmacokinetic Model to Support Dosing of Clindamycin for Premature Infants to Adolescents, Gonzalez, D; Melloni, C; Yogev, R; Poindexter, B; Mendley, S; Delmore, P; Sullivan, J; Autmizguine, J; Lewandowski, A; Harper, B; Watt, K; Lewis, K; Capparelli, E; Benjamin Jr., D; Cohen-Wolkowiez, M; BPCA Pediatric Trials Network Admin Core Committee , Clin Pharmacol Ther, 10/2014, Volume 96, Issue 4, p.429-437, (2014) Abstract
Norovirus Vaccine Against Experimental Human GII.4 Virus Illness: A Challenge Study in Healthy Adults, Bernstein, D; Atmar, RL; Lyon, GM; Treanor, J; Chen, WH; Jiang, X; Vinje, J; Gregoricus, N; Frenck Jr, RW; Moe, CL; Al-Ibrahim, MS; Barrett, J; Ferreira, J; Estes, MK; Graham, DY; Goodwin, R; Borkowski, A; Clemens, R; Mendelman, PM , J Infect Dis, 09/2014, Volume jiu497 [pi, (2014) Abstract
Tacrolimus/Sirolimus vs Tacrolimus/Methotrexate as GVHD Prophylaxis After Matched, Related Donor Allogeneic HCT, Cutler, C; Logan, B; Nakamura, R; Johnston, L; Choi, S; Porter, D; Hogan, WJ; Pasquini, M; MacMillan, ML; Hsu, JW; Waller, EK; Grupp, S; McCarthy, P; Wu, J; Hu, ZH; Carter, SL; Horowitz, MM; Antin, JH , Blood, 08/2014, Volume 124, Issue 8, p.1372-1377, (2014) Abstract
Avian Influenza A/H7N9 Vaccine Mixed with MF59 Adjuvant at the Point-of-Use. A Randomized Clinical Trial of a Pandemic Threat Response., Mulligan, MJ; Bernstein, DI; Winokur, P; Rupp, R; Lai, L; Anderson, E; Rouphael, N; Dickey, M; Stapleton, JT; Edupuganti, S; Spearman, P; Kabbani, S; Ince, D; Noah, DL; Hill, H; Bellamy, AR , ID Week 2014, 08/10/2014, Philadelphia, PA, (2014)
Outcomes of Implants and Restorations Placed in General Dental Practices: A Retrospective Study by the Practitioners Engaged in Applied Research and Learning (PEARL) Network, Da Silva, JD; Kazimiroff, J; Papas, A; Curro, FA; Thompson, VP; Vena, DA; Wu, H; Collie, D; Craig, RG , J Am Dent Assoc, 07/2014, Volume 145, Issue 7, p.704-713, (2014) Abstract
Umbilical Cord Blood Expansion with Nicotinamide Provides Long-Term Multilineage Engraftment, Horwitz, M; Chao, N; Rizzieri, D; Long, G; Sullivan, K; Gasparetto, C; Chute, J; Morris, A; McDonald, C; Waters-Pick, B; Stiff, P; Wease, S; Peled, A; Snyder, D; Cohen, E; Shoham, H; Landau, E; Friend, E; Peleg, I; [...]; Peled, T , J Clin Invest, 07/2014, Volume 124, Issue 7, p.3121-3128, (2014) Abstract
Internet-Delivered Treatment for Substance Abuse: A Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial, Campbell, AN; Nunes, EV; Matthews, AG; Stitzer, M; Miele, GM; Polsky, D; Turrigiano, E; Walters, S; McClure, EA; Kyle, TL; Wahle, A; Van Veldhuisen, P; Goldman, B; Babcock, D; Stabile, PQ; Winhusen, T; Ghitza, UE , Am J Psychiatry, 06/2014, Volume 171, Issue 6, p.683-690, (2014) Abstract
Neurological Evaluations within the Brain Injury and Mechanisms of Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) for Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Study (BIMA), Williams, C; Weaver, LK; Langford, D; Lindblad, A; Wierzbicki, MR , Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Annual Scientific Meeting; Military Health System Research Symposium, 06/2014, (2014)
Rigid-Compulsive Behaviors are Associated with Mixed Bowel Symptoms in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Peters, B; Williams, KC; Gorrindo, P; Rosenberg, D; Lee, EB; Veenstra-VanderWeele, J , J Autism Dev Disord, 06/2014, Volume 44, Issue 6, p.1425-1432, (2014) Abstract
Effect of Long-Chain ω-3 Fatty Acids and Lutein + Zeaxanthin Supplements on Cardiovascular Outcomes: Results of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2) Randomized Clinical Trial, Bonds, D; Harrington, M; Worrall, BB; Bertoni, AG; Eaton, CB; Hsia, J; Robinson, J; Clemons, TE; Fine, LJ; Chew, EY; The Writing Group for the AREDS2 Research Group , JAMA Intern Med, 05/2014, Volume 174, Issue 5, p.763-771, (2014) Abstract
Peginterferon and Ribavirin for Treatment of Recurrent Hepatitis C Disease in HCV-HIV Coinfected Liver Transplant Recipients, Terrault, N; Reddy, KR; Poordad, F; Curry, M; Schiano, T; Johl, J; Shaikh, O; Dove, L; Shetty, K; Millis, M; Schiff, E; Regenstein, F; Barnes, D; Barin, B; Peters, M; Roland, M; Stock, P; The HIVTR Investigators , Am J Transplant, 05/2014, Volume 14, Issue 5, p.1129-1135, (2014) Abstract
Population Pharmacokinetics of Oral Baclofen in Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy, He, Y; Brunstrom-Hernandez, JE; Thio, LL; Lackey, S; Gaebler-Spira, D; Kuroda, MM; Stashinko, E; Hoon Jr., AH; Vargus-Adams, J; Stevenson, RD; Lowenhaupt, S; […]; Kennedy, D; Tilton, A; Krach, LE; Lewandowski, A; Dai, H; Gaedigk, A; Leeder, JS; Jusko, WJ , J Pediatr, 05/2014, Volume 164, Issue 5, p.1181-1188, (2014) Abstract
Safety and Efficacy Assessment of Two New Leprosy Skin Test Antigens: Randomized Double Blind Clinical Study, Rivoire, B; Groathouse, N; TerLouw, S; Dev Neupane, K; Ranjit, C; Raj Sapkota, B; Khadge, S; Kunwar, C; Macdonald, M; Hawksworth, R; Thapa, M; Hagge, D; Tibbals, M; Smith, C; Dube, T; She, D; Wolff, M; [...]; Sizemore, C; Brennan, P , PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 05/2014, Volume 8, Issue 5, p.e2811, (2014) Abstract
Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells Produce Concordant Improvements in Regional Function, Tissue Perfusion, and Fibrotic Burden When Administered to Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting [...], Karantalis, V; DiFede, D; Gerstenblith, G; Pham, S; Symes, J; Zambrano, J; Fishman, J; Pattany, P; McNiece, I; Conte, J; [...]; Mendizabal, A; Karas, T; Byrnes, J; Lowery, M; Heldman, A; Hare J , Circ Res, 04/2014, Volume 114, Issue 8, p.1302-1310, (2014) Abstract
Does Transendocardial Injection of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Myocardial Function Locally or Globally?: An Analysis from the Percutaneous Stem Cell Injection Delivery Effects on Neomyogenesis (POSEIDON) Randomized Trial, Suncion, V; Ghersin, E; Fishman, J; Zambrano, J; Karantalis, V; Mandel, N; Nelson, K; Gerstenblith, G; DiFede Velazquez, D; Breton, E; Sitammagari, K; [...]; Mendizabal, A; Tracy, M; Da Silva, J; McNiece, I; Lardo, A; George, R; Hare, J; Heldman, A , Circ Res, 04/2014, Volume 114, Issue 8, p.1292-1301, (2014) Abstract
Effect of a Genomic Classifier Test on Clinical Practice Decisions for Patients with High-Risk Prostate Cancer After Surgery, Badani, KK; Thompson, DJ; Brown, G; Holmes, D; Kella, N; Albala, D; Singh, A; Buerki, C; Davicioni, E; Hornberger, J , BJU Int, 04/2014, (2014) Abstract
Lorazepam vs Diazepam for Pediatric Status Epilepticus: A Randomized Clinical Trial , Chamberlain, J; Okada, P; Holsti, M; Mahajan, P; Brown, K; Vance, C; Gonzalez, V; Lichenstein, R; Stanley, R; Brousseau, D; Grubenhoff, J; Zemek, R; Johnson, D; Clemons, T; Baren, J; The Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) , JAMA, 04/2014, Volume 311, Issue 16, p.1652-1660, (2014) Abstract
A Genomic Classifier Predicting Metastatic Disease Progression in Men with Biochemical Recurrence After Prostatectomy, Ross, AE; Feng, FY; Ghadessi, M; Erho, N; Crisan, A; Buerki, C; Sundi, D; Mitra, AP; Vergara, IA; Thompson, DJS; Triche, TJ; Davicioni, E; Bergstralh, EJ; Jenkins, RB; Karnes, J; Schaeffer, EM , Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 03/2014, Volume 17, Issue 1, p.64-69, (2014) Abstract
A Novel Reduced-Intensity Conditioning Regimen for Unrelated Umbilical Cord Blood Transplantation in Children with Nonmalignant Diseases, Parikh, SH; Mendizabal, A; Benjamin, CL; Komanduri, KV; Antony, J; Petrovic, A; Hale, G; Driscoll, TA; Martin, PL; Page, KM; Flickinger, K; Moffet, J; Niedzwiecki, D; Kurtzberg, J; Szabolcs, P , Biol Blood Marrow Transplant, 03/2014, Volume 20, Issue 3, p.326-336, (2014) Abstract
The Relationship Between Health-Related Quality of Life and Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Delahaye, J; Kovacs, E; Sikora, D; Hall, TA; Orlich, F; Clemons, T; van der Weerd, E; Glick, L; Kulhthau, K , Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 03/2014, Volume 8, Issue 3, p.292-303, (2014) Abstract