Clinical Research Spotlight

Real-World Data

In this series of videos Dr. Darby Thompson, President of Emmes Canada discusses the application of real world data in clinical trial settings. Using examples of clinical research in which he has participated at Emmes, Dr. Thompson addresses the benefits and challenges of applying real world data and offers practical advice on regulatory matters. He closes with a discussion on the future of real world data in clinical trials.

Dr. Darby Thompson speaking about Applications of Real-World Data in Clinical Trials

Dr. Darby Thompson speaking about Regulatory and other Challenges using Real-World Data

Dr. Darby Thompson speaking about Real-World Data in Clinical Trials (Full Interview)

Managing Clinical Trials During Pandemics

This series of videos features a panel discussion by four Emmes clinical research professionals on the topic of testing vaccines and therapeutics during pandemics, including COVID-19, Ebola, Zika Virus, and others. Highlights include intriguing first-hand stories of Emmes’ management of the Phase I NIAID/Moderna vaccine, the ACTT adaptive trial of Remdesivir for treatment of COVID-19, and the NIH’s ongoing study of Remdesivir and Baricitinib combination therapy.

Emmes clinicians discuss strategies and tactics for managing clinical research during pandemics in this 15-minute excerpt from the larger panel discussion.

In this 45-minute panel discussion a team of Emmes clinicians discuss a wide range of topics related to designing and managing clinical trials during pandemics.

This 7-minute video excerpt of the larger panel discussion features panelists engaging the key issue of balancing the patient experience with the need to meet the study’s data requirements when conducting clinical research during pandemics.