EMMES Corporation Services

Don Stablein, Ph.D.

Past President

Why I joined Emmes

I started in 1980, just three years after Emmes was founded. At the time, we only had one contract – the statistical and data coordinating center for the Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group. The focus of this study and the chance to apply what I’d learned during my doctoral studies appealed to me.

How I describe our firm to other people

I say that we perform health research using our statistical and data management skills. We provide a learning environment for our employees and give them a lot of autonomy. The result: a high degree of scientific productivity.

A bit about me

I’ve always enjoyed mentoring and teaching. I began my career as an assistant professor, and I believe I’ve been able to teach some of our staff at Emmes through the years. After retiring as president, I took about a year off to teach out west in a volunteer capacity. That experience reinforced my belief that teaching is gratifying – but hard work! Right now, I’m leading a project for Emmes, and I’m an advisor to the leadership team

How I chose my career

I always knew I wanted to be a scientist. I thought about being a doctor, but changed my mind and decided to major in math. Biostatistics became the route to integrate math with science; working on clinical trials here at Emmes was a perfect fit.

Something I’m most proud of

Emmes has attracted capable individuals whose work in clinical research has produced both company and societal benefits.

My background

I worked as an assistant professor of biostatistics at the Medical College of Virginia for a year after completing my Ph.D. When I joined Emmes in 1980 as a staff statistician, I was one of just a few employees. In 1985, I was promoted to vice president and, in 1992, I was named president. I spent 21 years in that role, and during that time the company grew more than ten-fold. I’m a fellow of the American Statistical Society and statistical editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. I continue to serve as a member of a number of data and safety monitoring boards.


Ph.D., biostatistics, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S., biostatistics, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University
B.S., mathematics, Illinois Benedictine College