Our Culture

Since our founding in 1977, Emmes has been guided and motivated by an unwavering quest for TRUTH. As a full service CRO, we believe our longevity and success are a direct result of the strong relationships we cultivate with organizations like yours. We appreciate the opportunity to help improve human health and bring lifesaving and life-enhancing therapies to the world.

With TRUTH at the center of everything we do, our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Employees at the clinical CRO Emmes show their appreciation for the work of a fellow colleague at the CRO’s annual meeting

To shed light on important human health problems through scientific partnerships that result in innovative solutions.

To be the trusted partner for clients who share our passion for improving human health in a world of ever-changing scientific research.

Emmes employees take a break from training to socialize at the clinical contract research organization’s (CRO) annual meeting.

Our values are summarized in the phrase CHARACTER achieves RESULTS.

Community. United in purpose: To improve human health.

Honesty. Ethics. Truth — our name.

Accountability. Decisions. Actions. Results.

Respect. Trust. For others and ourselves.

Agility. Lean. Flexible. Adaptable.

Commitment. One Emmes. Quality. Excellence. Growth.

Transformation. Innovative. Ever pursuing. Ever learning. Ever improving.

Engaged team. All contribute. All are heard. All are valued.

Results-oriented. Deliverable-focused. Value-added. Never complacent.

Reliability. People. Processes. Services.

Effective partnerships. Lasting collaborations. Impactful human health research.

Scientific rigor. Expertise. Reputation. Integrity.

Unique Solutions. Projects are never identical, neither are their solutions.

Leadership. Vision. Courage. Determination.

Tenacity. Assumptions assessed. Problems re-framed. Challenges overcome.

Shared passion. Your priority. Our passion.

Emmes by the numbers