Our People

Emmes attracts a certain type of person, one who is curious, thoughtful, and dedicated to employing fact-based approaches to advance clinical research and biostatistical analysis.

alt="Employees at the clinical contract research organization (CR0) Emmes share laughs at the CRO’s annual meeting"

Emmes is proud of the contributions we make to clinical trial sponsors and human health. We are driven by purpose, inspired by science and authentic by nature. We ask a lot of questions and try our best to help you succeed.

We are problem solvers. As researchers, we intuitively identify a challenge, issue or problem, and seek to better understand and solve it. We find problem-solving fun and it gives us a sense of accomplishment and purpose. It has become part of our culture and identity as a CRO.

Contract research provider Emmes employees enjoying themselves at the CRO’s annual clinical meeting in the US.

Emmes currently employs over 800 professionals across the United States, Canada, and India. We work collaboratively as a group providing a full service offering of clinical research services globally.

What unites us as a team is a suite of shared services, technologies, and interests. We aim to improve the performance of clinical research and biostatistical analysis on a daily basis. In that way, we advance science that benefits people and communities around the world.

That’s the truth about the people of Emmes.

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