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Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.

Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.

President and CEO

We were founded in 1977, and I joined the company five years later. We’ve added new clients, grown our service offering and hired more people, but what’s been consistent is our passion for science and public health. People come to Emmes to make a difference: to give doctors better treatment options for their patients and to find cures for diseases.

The other thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our people. We treat our employees like partners – valued contributors and idea generators. Everyone brings a unique perspective, and we value this diversity. Yet, we work hard to build a truly collaborative working environment, with respectful debate and open dialogue. It’s the reason so many of our people think of Emmes as a place where they can make a difference. It’s this type of collaboration that leads to long-lasting, fruitful partnerships with our clients.

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Caring about our employees is the bedrock of our culture. We’ve spent a lot of time creating and continuing to nurture a culture that shows that we care.

This means encouraging people at every level to have a voice in the way we run the company. Recognizing creativity and collaboration. Valuing the perspectives of everyone regardless of title or tenure. Offering plenty of opportunities to grow and innovate.

One long-time employee described Emmes this way. “We are not like other companies. We use scientific impact as the guide for our business decisions. I have seen us turn down exciting and lucrative opportunities with the full support of our president if the scientific impact of the project did not resonate with our staff.”

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