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Meet Our Employees

Our people are inspired by making an impact on human health and attracted by the opportunity for personal and intellectual growth.


We value diversity and encourage unique and creative thinking.

You can look at our senior leadership and tell that we’re diverse. But we’re also diverse in our opinions, and management believes that an open door policy stimulates creativity and better communication. I decided to come to Emmes because it wasn’t a typical contract research organization. You get to wear multiple hats. I’ve been able to move from positions in data management to safety management to principal investigator. I wanted to get more involved in business development and support our office in India, and I’m doing that. Emmes is fully behind my desire to get involved in the leadership of a professional association. There are endless opportunities for growth, but you have to create your own path.
Nilay Shah


Medical officer

The company is both collaborative and caring.

I was hired as an administrative assistant, and within a year I was given the opportunity to coordinate my own project. We are really encouraged to grow, and I appreciate that. I’ve always felt like my managers were looking out for me. I like the fact that our working environment is hard-working, yet also laid back. It feels like a family. When people retire, we give them a good send-off. We do projects for the community – fundraisers, blood drives, school supply collections, toy collections. The company has started some “healthy” initiatives, like walking programs. We have brown bag talks at lunch. I made a great choice when I decided to come here.
Angela Norman


Information specialist

Employees have a voice in the way we run the company.

Emmes is a good fit for me because I ask a lot of questions. Being inquisitive is highly valued. Debate is part of the culture, but we’re respectful in how we disagree with each other. It makes us a better company. I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams, develop proposals, mentor others, teach at “Emmes U,” and hire employees. I’ve chaired our Institutional Review Board, which is basically our company’s ethics committee. I joined Emmes to improve the quality of data and clinical trials. I’ve been able to do that. I’m fortunate because our management recognizes “strong voices.” I had a supervisor who has continued to open doors for me. I’ve grown more professionally than I could have imagined.
Kim Mosby-Griffin


Project leader

We put a premium on scientific expertise and are passionate about making a difference in public health.

When I was working on my master’s degree in statistics, clinical trials was my favorite class. So, when I started looking for a job, I did a Google search and Emmes’ name was listed in tons of scientific publications. Believe it or not, my interview was with the president of the company. I think that says a lot about the commitment to people and the value that’s placed on collaboration. I began as a statistician and I’m now leading a team involved in bone marrow transplant research. We’re the largest transplant consortium in the U.S. I’ve also served as one of the principal investigators on a multi-year study to investigate and treat childhood cancer. Not only were our results published in The New England Journal of Medicine but we hope they will improve the outcomes for patients with challenging blood cancers. What attracted me to Emmes years ago is still the case now: the constant learning and the chance to interact with the top researchers and doctors in the U.S. and globally.
Adam Mendizabal



We offer opportunities to grow and innovate.

I’m a great example of growth. I started as a team member, moved to team leader and eventually became a project director. I’ve been able to teach a statistical analysis course for one of our clients. I’ve taken the classes in our Emmes leadership series. The company encourages new and young employees to take on more responsibility. I think this is a reason for our high employee retention rate. When I tell other people about our company, I say we’re a leader in public health research … a pioneer. I say we are focused on science but we’re also a big family. And work-life balance is important here. What’s next for me? I’d like to get more involved in corporate and proposal activities.
Lori Long


Bioinformatics statistical analyst