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Meet Our Leaders

We set high standards, while empowering our employees to take initiative and follow through.

We value a management style that’s democratic, not authoritarian. We’re professional, yet we encourage an informal, friendly work environment. Our employees are partners, with important ideas to share and contributions to make. We make it a priority to listen and encourage this dialogue. We offer opportunities to learn and be challenged, and we reward excellence. The result: a company that we all can be proud of.

Corporate Officers
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President
Traci Clemons, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Marian Ewell, Sc.D.
Vice Presidents
Vice President
Keri Hammel
Vice President
Hemang Maniar
Vice President
Don Vena
Vice President and General Counsel
Debra Glickfeld Bang
Chief Information Security Officer
Val Stoyanov
Jonathan DeCarlo
Other Corporate Leaders
Country Director, Emmes Services Pvt. Ltd. India
Archana Sarda
Past Presidents