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Conference Paper
L. Frassetto, Tan-Tam, C., Barin, B., Browne, M., Wolfe, A., Stock, P., Roland, M., and Benet, L., The Best Single Time Point Measurement Correlations with AUC for Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus in HIV-1 Infected Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients (poster session), in World Congress of Nephrology, Vancouver, Canada, 2011.
H. H. Hirsch, Barin, B., Kardas, P., Stock, P., and Blumberg, E. A., BK and JC Polyomavirus (PyV) in HIV-1 Infected Kidney Transplant Recipients (KTR), in Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy - ICAAC 2013, Denver, CO, 2013.
E. Blumberg, Barin, B., Bloom, R., Roland, M., Olsen, J., Murphy, B., Pavlakis, M., Roth, D., Moore, J., Cangro, C., Saltzberg, S., Fine, D., Josephson, M., Guasch, A., Lobo, P., Zhang, R., Gallon, L., Gonin, J., Fatica, R., Mogilshetty, G., and Stock, P., BK Virus is Not a Significant Cause of Graft Loss in HIV+ Kidney Recipients (oral presentation), presented at the 2011, Philadelphia, PA, 2011.
M. V. Ragni, Humar, A., Blumberg, E., Eghstad, B., Fung, J., Nissen, N., Sherman, K., Stock, P., Stosor, V., Stablein, D., and Barin, B., Hemophilia Liver Transplant Observational Study (HOTS), in American Society Hematology , San Diego, CA, 2016.
G. Beatty, Barin, B., Fox, L., Odim, J., Huprikar, S., Wong, M., Diego, J., Blumberg, E., Simon, D., Light, J., Yin, M., Davis, C., Jayaweera, D., Hardy, D., Ragni, M., Johnson, L., Subramanian, A., Stosor, T., Brayman, K., Pursell, K., Zang, R., Lyon, G., Taege, A., Feinberg, J., Weikert, B., Stock, P., and Roland, M., HIV-Related Predictors and Outcomes in 275 Liver and/or Kidney Transplant Recipients (oral presentation), in International AIDS Society , Rome, Italy, 2011.
M. Roland, Barin, B., Huprikar, S., Wong, M., Fox, L., Diego, J., Blumberg, E., Simon, D., Shoham, S., and Stock, P., HIV-Related Predictors and Outcomes in 275 Liver and/or Kidney Transplant Recipients (oral presentation), in American Transplant Congress , Philadelphia, PA, 2011.
M. R. Rickels, Berney, T., Stock, P., Senior, P. A., Alejandro, R., O‘Connell, P., Pattou, F., Turgeon, N. A., Brayman, K. L., Messinger, S., and Barton, F. B., Long Term Outcomes of Allogeneic Islet Transplantation: The Collaborative Islet Transplant Registry (CITR) 1999 - 2010, in 24th International Congress of The Transplantation Society, Berlin, Germany, 2012.
E. V. Maarseveen, Rogers, C., Trofe-Clark, J., Lghoul, F., Wong, M., Zuilen, A. V., Mudrikova, T., Barin, B., Stock, P., and Frassetto, L., Tacrolimus Exposure and its Relation with Clinical Outcomes in HIV Infected Kidney Transplant Recipients on Antiretroviral Agents: An Area-Under-The-Curve Driven Analysis, in World Transplant Congress, San Francisco, CA, 2014.
M. Roland, Barin, B., Blumberg, E., Feinberg, J., Fox, L., Huprikar, S., Wong, M., Diego, J., Simon, D., and Stock, P., Tenofovir is Not Associated with Renal Dysfunction Following Solid Organ Transplantation, in American Transplant Congress , Philadelphia, PA, 2011.
Journal Article
L. Frassetto, Floren, L., Barin, B., Browne, M., Wolfe, A., Roland, M., Stock, P., Carlson, L., Christians, U., and Benet, L., Changes in Clearance, Volume and Bioavailability of Immunosuppressants When Given With HAART in HIV-1 Infected Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients, Biopharm Drug Dispos, vol. 34, pp. 442-451, 2013.
R. Bahirwani, Barin, B., Olthoff, K., Stock, P., Murphy, B., and Reddy, K. R., Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) After Liver Transplantation in HIV/HCV Coinfected Versus HIV/non-HCV Infected Recipients: Results from the NIH Multi-Site Study, Liver Transpl, vol. 19, pp. 619-626, 2013.
M. Roland, Barin, B., Carlson, L., Frassetto, L., Terrault, N., Hirose, R., Freise, C., Benet, L., Ascher, N., Roberts, J., Murphy, B., Keller, M., Olthoff, K., Blumberg, E., Brayman, K., Bartlett, J., Davis, C., McCune, J., Bredt, B., Stablein, D., and Stock, P., HIV-Infected Liver and Kidney Transplant Recipients: 1- and 3-Year Outcomes, Am J Transplant, vol. 8, pp. 355-365, 2008.
F. B. Barton, Rickels, M. R., Alejandro, R., Hering, B. J., Wease, S., Naziruddin, B., Oberholzer, J., Odorico, J. S., Garfinkel, M. R., Levy, M., Pattou, F., Berney, T., Secchi, A., Messinger, S., Senior, P. A., Maffi, P., Posselt, A., Stock, P., Kaufman, D. B., Luo, X., Kandeel, F., Cagliero, E., Turgeon, N. A., Witkowski, P., Naji, A., O'Connell, P. J., Greenbaum, C., Kudva, Y. C., Brayman, K. L., Aull, M. J., Larsen, C., Kay, T. W. H., Fernandez, L. A., Bellin, M. D., and Shapiro, A. M. J., Improvement in Outcomes of Clinical Islet Transplantation: 1999-2010, Diabetes Care, vol. 35, no. 7, pp. 1436-1445, 2012.
A. Subramanian, Sulkowski, M., Barin, B., Stablein, D., Curry, M., Nissen, N., Dove, L., Roland, M., Florman, S., Blumberg, E., Stosor, V., Jayaweera, D., Huprikar, S., Fung, J., Pruett, T., Stock, P., and Ragni, M., MELD (The Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD)) Score Is an Important Predictor of Pretransplantation Mortality in HIV-Infected Liver Transplant Candidates, Gastroenterology, vol. 138, pp. 159-164, 2010.
M. Roland, Stablein, D., Bredt, B., Munoz-Marino, B., Carlson, L., McCune, J., Levy, J., Rogers, R., and Stock, P., No Changes in Immune Activation Phenotypes, Response to Antigen, or CD8+ T-cell Mediated HIV Suppression in Transplant Recipients Receiving Immunosuppression, 2003.
P. Stock, Barin, B., Murphy, B., Hanto, D., Diego, J., Light, J., Davis, C., Blumberg, E., Simon, D., Subramanian, A., Millis, J., Lyon, G., Brayman, K., Slakey, D., Shapiro, R., Melancon, J., Jacobson, J., Stosor, V., Olson, J., Stablein, D., and Roland, M., Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation in HIV-Infected Recipients, N Engl J Med, vol. 363, pp. 2004-2014, 2010.
N. Terrault, Reddy, K. R., Poordad, F., Curry, M., Schiano, T., Johl, J., Shaikh, O., Dove, L., Shetty, K., Millis, M., Schiff, E., Regenstein, F., Barnes, D., Barin, B., Peters, M., Roland, M., and Stock, P., Peginterferon and Ribavirin for Treatment of Recurrent Hepatitis C Disease in HCV-HIV Coinfected Liver Transplant Recipients, Am J Transplant, vol. 14, no. 5, pp. 1129-1135, 2014.
J. Harbell, Fung, J., Nissen, N., Olthoff, K., Florman, S., Hanto, D., Light, J., Bartlett, S., Tzakis, A., Pearson, T., Barin, B., Roland, M., and Stock, P., Surgical Complications in 275 HIV-Infected Liver and/or Kidney Transplantation Recipients, Surgery, vol. 152, pp. 376-381, 2012.
O. Gasser, Bihl, F., Sanghavi, S., Rinaldo, C., Rowe, D., Hess, C., Stablein, D., Roland, M., Stock, P., and Brander, C., Treatment-Dependent Loss of Polyfunctional Cd8+ T-Cell Responses in HIV-Infected Kidney Transplant Recipients Is Associated with Herpesvirus Reactivation, Am J Transplant, vol. 9, pp. 794-803, 2009.
A. D. Branch, Barin, B., Rahman, A., Stock, P., and Schiano, T. D., Vitamin D Status of HIV- positive Patients with End Stage Liver Disease Enrolled in the Solid Organ Transplantation in HIV Multi-site Study, Liver Transpl, vol. 20, pp. 156-164, 2014.