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Conference Paper
R. N. Nussenblatt, Buggage, R., Thompson, D., Zhuqing, L., Ragheb, J., and Waldmann, T., 4 Year Daclizumab Therapy for Sight Threatening Uveitis, in Annual Meeting of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies, San Francisco, CA, 2002.
M. Cusik, Dahr, S., Srivastava, S., Coleman, H., Thompson, D., and Chew, E., Intravitreal Anti-VEGF Therapy for Advanced Ocular Disease of Von Hippel-Lindau Disease, in Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2004.
H. Wiley, Bailey, C., Cukras, C., Jaffe, G., Lee, R., Loken, E., Meyerle, C., Thompson, D., Wong, W., and Ferris, F., A Randomized 36-Week Crossover Trial Comparing Ranibizumab and Bevacizumab for Diabetic Macular Edema, in 2015 Annual Meeting of The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Denver, CO, 2015.
M. Ebtia, Murphy, D., Lee, P., Thompson, D., Mayo, J., Gin, K., Jue, J., Barnes, M., and Tsang, T. S., Two Dimensional Echo Methods for Right Atrial Volume Assesment: Accuracy and Performance Using MRI as Reference, in 66th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Montreal, Quebec, CN, 2013.
Journal Article
M. Ebtia, Murphy, D., Gin, K., Lee, P., Jue, J., Nair, P., Mayo, J., Barnes, M., Thompson, D., and Tsang, T. S., Best Method for Right Atrial Volume Assessment by Two-Dimensional Echocardiography: Validation with Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Echocardiography, vol. 32, pp. 734-739, 2015.
M. Stern, Gao, J., Schwab, T., Ngo, M., Tie, D., Chan, C., Reis, B., Whitcup, S., Thompson, D., and Smith, J., Conjunctiva T-Cell subpopulations in Jorgen’s and non-Jorgen’s patients with dry eye, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, vol. 43, pp. 2609-2614, 2002.
R. Nussenblatt, Li, Z., Robinson, R., Shames, R., Tang, M., Mailman, M., Thompson, D., Peterson, J., Sen, H., Al-Khatib, S., Ursea, R., Srivastava, S., Bamji, A., Sran, P., Waldmann, T., and Buggage, R., Daclizumab therapy in Uveitis patients: Preliminary safety and activity data for establishing parameters for subcutaneous administration for long term therapy, 2003.
R. R. Buggage, Levy-Clarke, G., Sen, H. N., Ursea, R., Srivastava, S. K., Suhler, E. B., Alternare, C., Velez, G., Ragheb, J., Chan, C., Nussenblatt, R. B., Bamji, A. T., Sran, P., Waldmann, T., and Thompson, D., A Double-Masked, Randomized Study to Investigate the Safety and Efficacy of Daclizumab to Treat the Ocular Complications Related to Behçet's Disease, Ocul Immunol Inflamm, vol. 15, pp. 63-70, 2007.
E. Chew, Kim, J., Sperduto, R., ,, Coleman, H., Thompson, D., Milton, R., Clayton, J., Hubbard, L., Danis, R., and , Evaluation of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study Clinical Lens Grading System AREDS Report No. 31, Ophthalmology, vol. 117, pp. 2112-2119.e3, 2010.
R. Hertle, Dell'Osso, L., FitzGibbon, E., Thompson, D., Yang, D., and Mellow, S., Horizontal rectus tenotomy in patients with congenital nystagmus (CN): results in ten adults, Ophthalmology, vol. 110, pp. 2097-105, 2003.
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J. Flamendorf, Agron, E., Wong, W. T., Thompson, D., Wiley, H. E., Doss, E. L., Al-Holou, S., Ferris, F. L., Chew, E. Y., and Cukras, C., Impairments in Dark Adaptation Are Associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration Severity and Reticular Pseudodrusen., Ophthalmology, vol. 122, no. 10, pp. 2053-2062, 2015.
S. Dahr, Cusic, M., Rodriguez-Coleman, H., Srivastava, S., Thompson, D., Ferris, F., Csaky, K., Linehan, M., and Chew, E., Intravitreal Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Therapy with Pegaptanib for Advanced Von Hippel-Lindau Disease of the Retina, Retina, vol. 27, pp. 150-158, 2007.
J. Pirsch and Thompson, D., Kidney Transplant Study Group; Tacrolimus versus Cyclosporine in Kidney Transplantation: Five year graft loss in patients with acute rejection and hypercholesterolemia, 2001.
J. Pirsch and Thompson, D., Kidney Transplant Study Group: Tacrolimus versus Cyclosporine in Kidney Transplantation: Five year graft survival and renal function, 2001.
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E. Chew, Ferris, F., Csaky, K., Murphy, R., Agron, E., Thompson, D., Reed, G., and Schachat, A., The Long-Term Effects of Laser Photocoagulation Treatment in Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy: The Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Follow-up Study, Ophthalmology, vol. 110, pp. 1683-89, 2003.
R. Buggage, Thompson, D., Sen, H., Al-Khatib, S., Srivastava, S., Ursea, R., Bamji, A., Waldmann, T., and Nussenblatt, R., A masked randomized study to investigate the safety and efficacy of Daclizumab for treatment of Ocular Behcet’s Disease, 2003.
E. T. Tsilou, Thompson, D., Lindblad, A. S., Reed, G. F., Rubin, B., Gahl, W., Thoene, J., Del Monte, M. A., Schneider, J. A., Granet, D. B., and Kaiser-Kupfer, M. I., A multicenter randomized double-masked clinical trial of a new formulation of topical Cysteamine for the treatment of Corneal Cystine Crystals in cystinosis, Brit J Ophthalmol, vol. 87, pp. 28-31, 2003.
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