Data Visualization Through 3-D Graphs Using SAS® Graph Template Language (GTL)

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Year of Publication
Perla, V
24th Annual Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Conference
Date Published
Bethesda, MD
Certain types of data are better visualized through 3-D graphs. SAS Graph procedures available prior to SAS 9.2 version are not user friendly. These procedures are hard to practice and require quite a bit of time to implement. Since future of graphs in SAS is centered on Graph Template Language (GTL), the objective of this paper is to create 3-D graphs using SAS GTL. This paper also explains how initial SAS GTL code can be obtained, and how STATGRAPH template (aka GTL template) and SGRENDER procedure in the obtained code are modified with different OPTIONS and GTL STATEMENTS to create 3-D graphs for the beginners.