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AdvantageEDC Suite

Advantage eClinical is Emmes’ unified clinical trials platform that was developed by statisticians, medical officers, programmers, data managers and analysts.

Our integrated ecosystem of tools, both 21 CFR Part 11-adherent and HIPAA compliant, allows you to design your clinical trials, ensure timely data collection, manage data quality, and report on critical outcomes. Advantage eClinical has over 30,000 users across the globe and can be tailored to meet any international requirements for language and metric conversion.

Advantage eClinical has enabled us to successfully implement over 700 protocols in over 3,000 medical sites, labs and repositories worldwide. Inclusion of application and data within Emmes’ data center obviates the need for you to install any programs; all you need is internet access. Advantage eClinical reduces costs associated with source document verification and responds dynamically to any protocol changes.

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Data Capturing System

  • Role-based regulatory compliant web system accessible from multiple devices
  • Integrated safety database and real-time safety alerts
  • Integrated lab management including upload, range definitions, and out-of-range reporting
  • Intelligence-based dynamic query management and resolution, along with pre-defined reports
  • Custom and operational reports, form checks/status, and file attachments
  • CDISC ODM certified, SDTM capable, and support for large-scale imaging needs

Inventory Tracking with GlobalTraceSM

  • Real-time and confidential tracking and management of specimens and shipments
  • Real-time shipping notifications and integration with tracking systems of major carriers
  • In-house lab inventory and management system to optimize resource allocation

Enrollment and Randomization

  • Randomization, treatment assignment, and enrollment in real-time
  • Support for different randomization strategies and open-label or blinded treatment assignments

Protocol Monitoring

  • Support for risk-based monitoring
  • Real-time tracking of monitors, clinical staff/site performance, and audit activities

Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO)

  • User-friendly ePRO module to allow patients to enter their own data from their devices
  • Support for memory aids
  • Configuration-based email reminders to participants

MedDRA/WHO Drug Coding

  • Automated batch coding using proprietary algorithms or manual coding
  • Integrated multi-step review and approval

Regulatory Tracking and Document Management

  • Retrieval and tracking of site- and protocol-specific regulatory documents
  • Oversight of sites, studies, and staff status with automated, rule-based email notification
Case Study

Giving researchers a better way to review ultrasound images

Our challenge was to seamlessly integrate a massive fetal ultrasound image archive with a highly customizable electronic data capture system. We used the Advantage eClinical platform to implement a sophisticated image workflow, producing an automated reviewer work list that allowed efficient review and data collection for ultrasound studies. With a single button click, reviewers were assigned a study for review, provided with a link to download the images, and taken to an electronic case report form for data entry. Customized data validation allowed the system to automatically assess the completeness of image review based on metadata extracted from the archive. We achieved the goal of implementing a system for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development that quickly and efficiently reviewed and captured research data from a collection of 1.5 million fetal images.