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Specialty Services & Products

Emmes has become a go-to source for clients seeking independent, objective options to support or supplement their mission.

Our three specialties include 1) Data and Safety Monitoring Board services: Offering a set of clinical trial support services with the benefit of Emmes experience and independence from the trial investigators and the sponsor 2) Central Institutional Review Board services: Protecting study participants by providing consistent, expert reviews of adult or pediatric clinical trials and reducing unnecessary administrative processes 3) Ophthalmic training and certification: Using industry-standard protocols to build the competence of visual function examiners participating in ophthalmic clinical trials, plus other certification services and product support.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) Services

  • DSMB coordination: executive secretary services, charter development, website/communications, meeting planning/logistics and minutes
  • DSMB composition and honoraria to members
  • Independent statistical analysis reports

Ophthalmic Clinical Trial Training and Certification (OCTTC)

  • Certification of Ophthalmic staff and facilities
  • Multiple visual function study tasks
  • Clinical Research Associate( CRA) Exam Lane Configuration Certification
  • Certification provided for multiple phase and global clinical trials
Prime Review Board Services
  • Offers robust IRB services for multi-site, multi-protocol clinical trials and research programs by providing independent IRB review or by supporting a customized infrastructure for your IRB
  • Expert evaluation of studies spanning a range of disease areas through a robust network of scientists
  • Fast and efficient workflow process through a secure web-based IRB system
Prime Review Board Services
  • Manufacturing, sales, and support of The EVA Testers with optimization for clinical trial efforts
  • Innovating and improving The EVA Tester program inherited from the original developers and our research collaborators at the Jaeb Center for Health Research (JCHR)

Improving the quality of ophthalmic study data

Our first major project with the National Eye Institute kicked off in 1990, and since then Emmes has built an excellent reputation in managing and supporting a variety of ophthalmic clinical trials. Our long history grew into a complementary role: to train and certify the examiners and research associates involved in the ophthalmic trials conducted by pharmaceutical companies and other organizations. We also certify the eye examination lanes in hundreds of clinical centers. Our certification team includes former clinical trial coordinators and optometrists, and the training services we provide are aimed at improving the quality of ophthalmic study data. We hope these studies result in treating and ultimately preventing the top causes of vision loss and other forms of eye disease.