The National MDS Study

The National MDS Study will build a resource that will enable scientists to conduct research to improve the way MDS is diagnosed and how it is treated

Melanoma Research Foundation Breakthrough Consortium (MRFBC)

The Melanoma Research Foundation Breakthrough Consortium (MRFBC) is a Melanoma Research Foundation-supported clinical trials group founded in 2010.

Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB)

CIRB reduces the administrative burden on local IRBs and investigators while continuing a high level of protection for human research participants.

Clinical Trials and Information Management Services (CTIMS)

CTIMS provides information support, statistical support, and data management for extramural/intergroup and expanded access trials sponsored by CTEP.

AIDS Malignancy Consortium (AMC)

National Cancer Institute-supported clinical trials group was founded in 1995 to support innovative trials for AIDS-associated malignancies.