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Shapshak, P., Somboonwit, C., Drumright, L.N., Frost, S.D., Commins, D., Tellinghuisen, T.L., Scott, W.K., Duncan, R., McCoy, C., Page, J.B., Giunta, B., Fernandez, F., Singer, E., Levine, A.J., Minagar, A., Oluwadara, O., Kotila, T., et. al. (2009).  Molecular and contextual markers of hepatitis C virus and drug abuse. Mol Diagn Ther. 13(3), 153-79.
Duncan, R., Shapshak, P., Page, J.B., Chiappelli, F., McCoy, C.B., Messiah, S.E. (2007).  Crack cocaine: effect modifier of RNA viral load and CD4 count in HIV infected African American women. Frontiers in Bioscience: A Journal and Virtual Library. 12, 1488-95. Abstract
Chiappelli, F., Shapshak, P., Younai, F., McCoy, C., Page, B., Prolo, P. (2006).  Cellular immunology in HIV-1 positive African American women using alcohol and cocaine. Frontiers in Bioscience: A Journal and Virtual Library. 11, 2434-41. Abstract
Weatherby, N.L., Kang, M., Shapshak, P., McCoy, C.B., Chiappelli, F. (2006).  Screening women for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection using self-reported symptoms: A classification tree analysis. The Korean Journal of Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Sports Science. 8(1), 1-15.
Shapshak, P., Duncan, R., McCoy, C.B., Page, J.B. (2005).  Quantification of HIV GAG RNA using real time reverse transcriptase PCR. Frontiers in Bioscience: A Journal and Virtual Library. 10, 135-42. Abstract
Shapshak, P., Goodkin, K., Minagar, A., Fujimura, R., Crandall, K., Fenjves, E., Pastori, R., McCoy, C., Page, B., Duncan, R., Kuljis, R., Sheramata, W., Bradley, W., Petito, C., Ownby, R., Eisdorfer, C. (2000).  Unifying dementia hypothesis: Microglia and astrocytes in neuroAIDS, alzeheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. 6th Poster Session of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.