Become a Participant

What is this study about?

The purpose of this research study is to examine what women eat and the reasons for their food choices during pregnancy and after their baby is born. The study will also examine how thoughts, values and beliefs related to food influence a woman's health during pregnancy and the postpartum period, along with the health of the baby.

Who is able to participate?

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you are:

  • Pregnant with one child
  • Within the age range of 18-45 years
  • Less than 12 weeks pregnant
  • Generally healthy without a history of chronic disease
  • Receiving prenatal care at UNC Women's Hospital and Timberlyne


Why should I volunteer in research?

If you volunteer in research you may:

  • Help researchers find out more about how the human body and mind work
  • Help other people who are sick
  • Help find safer or better treatments
  • Help find ways to improve medical care

To find out more about the benefits of research volunteerism, please review the UNC Particpant Brochure here:

If I participate, what will I be asked to do?

Your involvement will last from the first 8-12 weeks of your pregnancy to 1 year after your baby is born.   Study assessments will be conducted during your pregnancy at 8-12 weeks, 16-22 weeks, and 28-32 weeks; at delivery, and at 4-6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 year after delivery.  We will ask you to complete internet surveys and 24-hour dietary recalls. We will also collect information from your medical records, take body measurements, and collect blood, urine and stool samples.

Tell me more about the questionnaires.

Self-report questionnaires will be web-based and you will be able to complete them online using a secure connection at the study website. These questionnaires assess what types of foods you eat or have in the home; how much pleasure you get from eating; other dietary habits and general behavior, excercise and quality of life and questions about feeding your baby. We have separated the questionnaires across your time in the study, so you do not have to fill out all the questions at every assessment. We anticipate that you will spend 30-50 minutes at each of the 7 assessments filling out questionnaire at your own pace. You may choose not to answer a question for any reason.

Tell me more about the body measurements.

Body measurements will include weight, height, waist, hip circumfrence, arm circumference, and skin fold measurements.

Tell me more about the samples you will collect.

We will collect blood three times during pregnancy and once a year after delivery. The amount of blood collected at each time is about two tablespoons. We will collect urine and stool samples once time, and a stool sample from your baby one time.

How is my privacy protected?

Detailed information about how your privacy and the confidentialy of your data are protected if you participate in this study are provided to you on your consent form. Your data and specimens are identified only by an ID number that contains no personal identifying information. Only your clinical site has access to your personal information and it is kept in a secure location. The data collected in this study will be analyzed and reported collectively and will never be reported in a way that could identify you.

Will I be compensated for my time?

You will be receiving a total of up to $400 for taking part in this study.  For each study visit you will receive $15 for completion of the dietary recall, $20 for completion of at least 75% of the online study surveys, and $15 for body measurements/clinic visit (total $50). Additionally you will receive $25 for a fasting blood specimen, $25 for a mom and baby stool collection at 6 months, and $25 for completion of all the study’s protocols at 12 months postpartum. You will also be reimbursed for parking costs associated with a study visit.

Will it cost me anything to be in this study?

It will not cost you anything to be in this study.

Who should I contact to learn more?

For more information, please contact Karen Dorman via E-mail or telephone.

Phone: 984‐974‐8985

Participant Consent (click here)

Parental Assent for Baby Information (click here)