Studies of Pediatric Liver Transplantation

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SPLIT is a community of pediatric hepatologists, transplant surgeons, research coordinators, nurse coordinators and other health professionals across the United States and Canada working together to advance knowledge in pediatric liver transplantation. SPLIT was started in 1995 and has evolved from a research registry into a multifaceted organization focused on improving outcomes for children receiving liver transplantation.  

The mission of SPLIT is to:

  • Gain new knowledge through observational and translational research and clinical trials
  • Improve care delivery by application of new knowledge and by reducing variation in care by identification and dissemination of best practices
  • Provide training and mentoring platform for junior physicians, surgeons, and clinical/research coordinators
  • Serve as an advocate for children who require or have received a liver transplant



SPLIT works to identify emerging trends in care, focusing on short and long term outcomes with a goal of gaining new knowledge that can be translated into changes in clinical practice. This research also generates new ideas for translational research/clinical trials which SPLIT actively pursues.


SPLIT provides a training and mentoring platform for transplant hepatologists and clinical/research coordinators, promotes effective research, and facilitates the spread of best practices across transplant centers.


SPLIT’s goal is to provide support and resources to families of children who receive liver transplants. This is to be accomplished by working with existing advocacy groups who are focused on helping children who have received liver transplants


SPLIT has published 24 manuscripts in leading transplant and pediatric journals as well as over 62 presentations at professional scientific meetings. SPLIT was instrumental in the development of the Pediatric End-stage Liver Disease (PELD) Score which serves as the foundation for liver allocation in the US and many other countries around the world.


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